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20 thoughts on “Video Guide & Demo

  1. I’ve bought this app in December 2011 and I must say, thi app works really fine. Unfortunately I’ve made an update of my Ideos X5 to gingerbread. Now I can’t install and use this great app annymore. I have 3 ather Android devices and all with Gingerbread. This app will not run on Gingerbread devices. Can you fix this problem? Finally I payed for this app an now I can’t use it. Thats annoying.

  2. Now i’m no professional, but I consider you just made the best stage. You definitely fully understand what you are speaking about, and I can actually fall behind that. Thank you for staying thus upfront and so honest.

    • Really really really really really thanks :)
      we try to do our best with our possibilities!

  3. The Videotutorial ahead seems to be for an Iphone. Im missind those functions in the Android App. Like the other pages with the result section for refreshed battery. In the Android App there is only the startpage with the charging section. Won’t be there any other menu for Android?

    • Hi Jörg,

      Soon (1-2 month) will be released Battery Repair 2.0 for Android, with all the features you can see in this video. We are working on it ;)
      It’s very hard to work on Android, because of fragmentation. On android there are 800+ devices…. so maaaany batteries types. On iOS only 3: iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S… really hard :)

  4. wow. this blog is truly a gold mine. i will actually try these tips and let you know how they work out! thanks again mate.

  5. Can you add dates to the log section so that I won’t forget when to have a full charge cycle?

      • One more thing, for this to be a “complete battery app” you need to have some tips about saving battery for example how many full charge cycles do you need in a month?

  6. I watched the video tutorial. That may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever wasted my time on. A finger pointing to the words on the screen. How is this a tutorial?

  7. Dispongo de la version de battery manager actual y éste funcionaba correctamente, pero al actualizar el sistema operativo a iOS 6, la aplicación dejo de funcionar. Me podria indicar que se podria hacer para reactualizar esta aplicación ?

  8. Hallo, euer App ist fantastisch. Läuft auf dem Galaxy Tab – P1000 gut.
    Leider funktioniert es nicht auf dem Ampei A10. / Sansibar N10 (Allwinner A10).
    Was kann ich machen, damit das app auf dem Tablet-PC läuft?
    Vielen Dank für euer Klaus